This week's look ahead

Monday, Nov. 6

Brussels/Washington – The European Union is due to sign an agreement with the United States to facilitate the exchange of information between EU and US prosecutors on terrorism and cross-border criminal cases.

Nairobi, Kenya – UN conference on climate change. Through Nov. 17.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Presidential election.

London – Sentencing of Dhiran Barot, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in plot to bomb high-profile British and US targets.

Milan, Italy – Verdict expected for Egyptian suspect in Madrid train bombings.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan – High Court hears petition for release of Rashid Rauf, allegedly involved in British planes plot.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

Baghdad – Saddam Hussein's genocide trial resumes.

Islamabad, Pakistan – President Pervez Musharraf meets senior Army generals to discuss talks with India on Kashmir conflict, other border disputes.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – Caribbean Court of Justice rules on controversial Barbados capital punishment appeal that could lead to more executions in region.

Islamabad, Pakistan – President Musharraf meets tribal elders from Baluchistan as part of effort to end tribal unrest in that southwestern province.

New York – Christie's sale of four Gustav Klimt paintings owned by heirs of a Nazi victim.

Undated – Planet Mercury will pass in front of the sun; observatories, museums planning viewing events. Mercury won't transit the sun again until 2016.

Friday, Nov. 10

Belfast, Northern Ireland – Deadline for Northern Ireland parties to accep or reject Anglo-Irish plan for revival of power-sharing between Protestants and Roman Catholics.

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