This week's look ahead

Monday, Oct. 16:

United Nations, New York – UN General Assembly votes to fill rotating seat on Security Council, choosing between anti-US Venezuela and US-backed Guatemala.

Baghdad, Iraq – Verdict expected in the trial of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity for the killing of 148 Shiites in the town of Dujail in 1982.

Karadjordjevo, Serbia – National leaders from Southeast Europe meet to discuss combating organized crime and terrorism.

Sydney, Australia – Asia-Pacific conference on nuclear energy, through Oct. 20.

Rome – World Food Day, marking anniversary of 1945 founding of United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization.

Tuesday, Oct. 17:

Tokyo – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visits Japan.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Asian Mission Congress to be held, with 1,000 key Roman Catholic church leaders from across Asia expected to participate.

Warsaw – Polish parliament scheduled to begin debate on motion to dissolve legislature, but could be headed off if Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski rebuilds governing coalition.

Friday, Oct. 20:

Lahti, Finland – Russian President Vladimir Putin meets leaders of European Union nations for talks expected to focus on energy issues.

Madrid – Club of Madrid conference on role of democracy in dealing with global energy shortages and developing sustainable energy sources.

Nairobi, Kenya – Kenyatta Day, named for the first president after independence.

Sunday, Oct. 22:

Panama City, Panama – Referendum on whether to enlarge Panama Canal to handle bigger ships, the biggest modification since waterway opened in 1914.

Sofia, Bulgaria – Presidential election.

Sources: Reuters, The Associated Press

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