Try your hand at 'art'

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See if you can find "art" in the items listed below:

1. You can rent this place and call it home, but it is not a house, a tent, an igloo, or a tepee.

_ _art_ _ _ _

2. When you are at this place, you learn numbers and letters. It comes before first grade and after preschool.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _art_ _

3. You use this in a supermarket or department store to carry all the items you may want to buy. (2 words)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _art

4. He might paint with a paintbrush or create sculptures from a block of clay.

Art_ _ _

5. Sometimes you watch these on TV. You may see them at the movies. These characters are often portrayed on T-shirts and lunchboxes.

_art_ _ _ _

6. A gymnast, an acrobat, or a cheerleader should be able to do this. It's ahandspring performed sideways with the arms and legs spread out like the spokes on a bicycle wheel.

_art_ _ _ _ _

7. Four of these are equal to the US paper currency that has a picture of George Washington on it.

_ _art_ _ _

8. You can have this for your birthday, an anniversary, or just about any occasion. Sometimes you even get a cake.



1. Apartment

2. Kindergarten

3. Shopping cart

4. Artist

5. Cartoons

6. Cartwheel

7. Quarters

8. Party

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