Backstory: Eavesdropping at the World Cup

Italian soccer star Marco Materazzi recently confessed that he provoked the head butt from France's Zinedine Zidane during the World Cup by insulting the French star's sister.

Despite the admission, some amateur lip readers have come forward to suggest other taunts were hurled by the Italian player during that fateful final match. Among them:
1. Your sister looks dumpy in Dior.
2. You look good in Dior.
3. Napoleon had a comb over.
4. Matisse was a sissy.
5. Your poodle is Croatian.
6. Sartre lived for Little League baseball.
7. You can't find a good jelly doughnut in Paris.
8. You have peasant feet.
9. Jacques Cousteau was afraid of water.
10. What Resistance?

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