Test your book smarts

It's school time again. Time for teachers, books, pens, pencils, and homework. When you finish your homework, try this puzzle. Use the clues to decipher these things about books.

1. If Mom (or Dad) uses this, you might wind up with something different for dinner tonight like salmon croquettes or quiche Lorraine.

_ _ _ _book

2. This is either a person who spends way too much time reading and studying or a type of insect that feeds on the paste of the binding of a book.

Book_ _ _ _

3. A creative person may devote a lot of time to working on one of these. It involves putting pretty paper, decorative items, words, and photographs together on each page of memories.

_ _ _ _ _book

4. You can pay your bills with this, as long as you have money in the account.

_ _ _ _ _book

5. This person is responsible for keeping records of all financial transactions in a business.

Book_ _ _ _ _ _

6. This special volume has pictures of students, teachers, and activities that take place at a particular school. When they are distributed, some students like to have their friends sign them. If you participate in many school activities, your picture might be on many pages.

_ _ _ _book

7. Instead of folding down the corners of pages, this item helps keep the pages of a book you are reading neat, and you will always know where you stopped reading.

Book_ _ _ _


1. Cookbook
2. Bookworm
3. Scrapbook
4. Checkbook
5. Bookkeeper
6. Yearbook
7. Bookmark

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