On density spectrum, Alaska and New Jersey are opposites

For anyone who puts a premium on "getting away" from the hubbub of modern life, Alaska has long been just the ticket. The 49th state is known for its vast wilderness areas and low-density population, with only one person per square mile of land area, on average, according to the US Census Bureau data. That, as you might imagine, makes Alaska the most sparsely populated state, and five times less thickly settled than Wyoming, the runner-up. The most and least densely populated states, with number of people per square mile:

Most dense
1. New Jersey 1,134
2. Rhode Island 1,003
3. Massachusetts 810
4. Connecticut 703
5. Maryland 542

Least dense
1. Alaska 1
2. Wyoming 5
3. Montana 6
4. North Dakota 9
5. South Dakota 10

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