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Religion in Germany: Staff writer Christa Case is in Germany on a fellowship which brings together American and German journalists. During an orientation program, she learned that stories about the religious right in America play huge in Germany because it's a phenomenon they just can't relate to. Today's story about secularism and religion in Germany stems from those early conversations.

But she notes that sometimes the streets of Germany are not that different from those in the US. "One day in Berlin I spotted a guy near the Reichstag with a huge rainbow poster that said something like 'Jesus loves you,' and he was belting out Christian folk songs accompanied on an accordion," says Christa. She observed, however, that he didn't seem to be collecting much change in his open guitar case.

The Daniel Pearl Award: Monitor staff member Jill Carroll, who was kidnapped by Sunni Muslim insurgents in Baghdad earlier this year and held for 82 days, has won the Daniel Pearl Award given by the Chicago Journalists Association.

The award, to be presented in Chicago Friday, is named after a Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2002. It goes to the journalist who best exemplifies Mr. Pearl's spirit, courage, and high standards, the Association said. Last year's winner was ABC News White House Correspondent Martha Raddatz.

The award will be accepted on behalf of Jill by her mother, Mary Beth Carroll Roth, and the Monitor's Washington bureau chief David Cook.

David Clark Scott
World editor

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