Fine-tune that job résumé and head for Cape Coral, Fla.

If you're looking for work, Cape Coral, on Florida's Gulf Coast, might not be a bad place to start. In ranking the business climates of the 200 biggest US metro areas, Forbes magazine lists Cape Coral as the fastest growing job market among communities with more than 231,000 residents. The whole region is growing rapidly, and Naples, Fla., is right behind Cape Coral in the jobs race. Cape Coral is distinctive in other ways, too. It has 400 miles of canals, was incorporated just 36 years ago, and, with 114 square miles under its jurisdiction, is Florida's second largest city geographically. The best and worst job markets, as ranked by Forbes using five-year annualized growth-rate percentages:


1. Cape Coral, Fla. 5.6%
2. Naples, Fla. 5.2%
3. Port St. Lucie, Fla. 4.6%
4. Las Vegas 4.5%
5. McAllen, Texas 4.4%


1. San Jose, Calif. -3.6%
2. Hickory, N.C. -2.8%
3. New Orleans -2.7%
4. San Francisco -2.7%
5. Detroit -2.1%

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