Global survey shows what job categories beg for applicants

Take it from a leading employment services company: Sales reps are hard to find. That's the conclusion drawn by Manpower, Inc., a Milwaukee-based "staffing provider" with a global office network. By surveying the workforce needs of 32,000 employers in 23 countries, includng 1,300 in the United States, Manpower learned which positions, overall, are the most difficult to fill. Forty percent of the companies worldwide have difficulty in finding qualified people to fill the following positions:

1. Sales reps

2. Engineers

3. Technicians (production, maintenance)

4. Production operators

5. Skilled manual workers (carpenters, welders, plumbers)

6. Data-processing staff (programmers, developers)

7. Administrative and personal assistants

8. Drivers

9. Accountants

10. Managers and executives

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