Pining for the fjords (and chocolate licorice)

Jon Letman from Hawaii recently took an excursion to Iceland.

Where did you go? The all-too-appropriately named Iceland.

Where did you stay? Like most things in Iceland, accommodations can be very expensive. We stayed in guesthouses and still paid up to $190 a night, although the rooms were clean, comfortable, and fantastic breakfasts were included. In Selfoss, we stayed in a guesthouse above a Thai restaurant with Siamese décor!

What did you do? We drove a 600-mile loop around southwest Iceland. Along the way we encountered barren lava fields, deep fjords, frozen waterfalls, green-houses growing tomatoes, lots of bird life, horses, and scenery like nowhere else on earth. We soaked in the Blue Lagoon springs and enjoyed sunlight 20 hours a day.

Where did you eat? The shrimp, salmon, and lamb were wonderful, but the most memorable (and cheapest) meals were from the fast-food places connected to the gas stations. Iceland has fantastic licorice (some varieties dipped in chocolate) and delicious berry-flavored skyr (like yogurt). The ubiquitous pylsur (Iceland's celebrated version of the hot dog), is served steamed with fried onions, mustard, and remoulade sauce that elevates that food to new heights. Really!

Where have you been? What did you do? Write us at Weekend

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