I don't like carrying it, either

Roger Annies thought he was doing the residents of Barry, Wales, a favor when he wrote and distributed a leaflet advising how they could stop the flow of junk mail that they only end up throwing away. But while they appreciated the gesture, his employer did not. Thus, he has been suspended and could lose his job. Hmm, almost sounds as though Annies is a copywriter for an advertising agency, in which case he rightly could be accused of disloyalty. In fact, however, he delivers letters for the Royal Mail service. In "the near future," his leaflet warned, deliveries of unwanted ads will increase. But "if you complete the [opt-out] slip below and send it to the Royal Mail delivery office, you should not get any..." Annies wouldn't discuss the matter with reporters. His bosses didn't have much to say either, except to confirm that "a postman at Barry delivery office has been given a precautionary suspension," pending an investigation for "alleged misconduct." Folks in town, on the other hand, have been quite vocal . "I suspect [he] should have got permission from his management, but I support what he was doing," said one. Added another, "Roger was just letting us know what Royal Mail should have told us in the first place."

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