Well, he's a convenient target

Since declaring his candidacy for president six years ago, George W. Bush's intelligence has been called into question frequently by his political opponents and other critics. This, even though his academic credentials – a bachelor's degree from Yale and a master's from Harvard – compare favorably to those of his predecessors. So you might not expect that the latest salvo on the subject would come from ... a college, especially one that's small and relatively little-known. But it has. Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, decided its recruitment campaign for new students could use some extra oomph. So it set up a website,, that features a prominent photo of Bush and says: "Graduating from an Ivy League university doesn't necessarily mean you're smart." Visitors are invited to agree by clicking on a link that takes them to a page extolling the merits of a Lakehead education. The school's chief executive defends the campaign as a "tongue-in-cheek way of getting attention." But its undergrads apparently weren't consulted in the matter. Take student union leader Isabelle Poniatowski. She thinks Lakehead "has many positive attributes to sell" without the dig at Bush, which she calls "repugnant."

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