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In and Out of Quetta : Correspondent David Montero considers today's story about the death of a key leader in Pakistan's southern separatist movement to be a product of good timing. "I was in Quetta [Pakistan] and left just before Nawab Bugti was killed. I got out of town before the violence really got going, but my reporting of the previous days gave me a head start on the story," he says.

That's not to say that David avoided all conflict. On Friday, there was a bombing in Quetta. "I was in an office when I heard the explosion. Then the power went out. We jumped in a car to go check it out. We found three cars blown up and shops entrances destroyed. Then we went to the hospital to meet with the people wounded in the blast, and find out what they'd seen."

The speculation around town was that the bombing was a message to tribal leaders who had gathered to discuss their opposition to Nawab Bugti's insurgency.

David says he's grateful to be out of the line of fire.

David Clark Scott
World editor

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