Tracking Americans who pack up and move (and millions do)

Each year, an estimated 21 million people in US households pull up stakes and relocate – even if only across town. Almost half of them do so during the summer months, some with the help of friends and relatives, plenty of personal muscle, and rented trucks. Others hire professionals to load their belongings into behemoth vans for long-haul journeys. UBF U-Pack Moving, a division of one of the nation's oldest freight carriers, keeps track of industry-related data. Some selected statistics as compiled by the company:

Percentage of Americans who move each year 15%
Number who move out of state each year 6 million
Median length of time people live in their homes 5.2 years
Average number of times Americans move in their lifetimes 11
Percentage of people with graduate degrees who move long distances for work-related reasons 47%
Number of people who change regions of the country 3 million

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