Americans love to hit the beach, especially in Hawaii

No matter where Americans are vacationing this summer, many might wish it were Hawaii. The 50th state tops the list of desirable destinations in a Gallup Poll, which asked the question: "If money were no object, where would you go on your dream vacation?" Hawaii was far and away the top choice, more than twice as popular as the next three US states combined – Alaska, California, and Florida. The catch for many people, of course, is you can't drive there. It's about 2,400 miles from the mainland, or about a five-hour flight because of head winds. The most popular spots for dream vacations, based on the percentage of American adults who selected them:

1. Hawaii 17%

2. Europe 11%

3. Australia 6%

4. Italy 5%

5. Alaska/Alaskan cruise4%

6. California 2%

(tie) Florida

(tie) Greece

(tie) London/England

(tie) Ireland

(tie) Fiji

(tie) Bahamas

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