There seems to be a misteak

The news release one day last week from, entitled "Spelling Counts – The Top 10 Words Most Often Misspelled on Web Sites," was intended to correct one that had been issued only a few hours earlier. As the original read, TextTrust "wants to make sure that organizations never again receive 'I found a spelling error on your web site' e-mail." After all, it added, such errors lead to "negative impressions," which, obviously, few organizations can afford. Oh, you want examples? Well, how about "independant" instead of "independent" or "definately" instead of the correct "definitely." TextTrust, which is based in Toronto, is uniquely qualified to expound on the subject, since it sells spell-checking software, which is backstopped by human editors. In the past year alone, it scoured 16 million Web pages. Only, "Web pages" isn't what that darned original news release said. It said ... "we pages." The error, according to the revised account, was inadvertent. "Very embarrassing," admitted Pat Brink, who handles the company's public relations. "I made the mistake, not TextTrust. They do a much better job. It's certainly egg on the face of this public relations person."

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