We'll rock your world Music lovers, have you read about the latest appearance by the Mint Chicks? What, you've never heard of the Mint Chicks? You would have if you'd been in the St. James Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand, earlier this month. The four rockers were a warm-up act for the featured performers at a concert, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Big mistake ... because instead of the band with top billing, it was the Chicks who brought down the house. Well, part of it, anyway. The concert had been advertised as one that would "rattle the foundations" of the St. James, and the hype wasn't misplaced. So much volume blasted out of the speakers on stage that the vibrations cracked the ceiling and caused chunks of plaster to fall onto the audience. "It was," house manager John Griffiths admitted, "exceptionally loud – the loudest there has been at St. James for a long time." Two concertgoers were hospitalized as a precaution, although their injuries weren't serious, and their money was refunded. Anyone else whose clothing had been damaged also was offered compensation. As for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they took their turn as scheduled – after the excitement had subsided. It's not known whether they were obliged to ratchet down the sound a few decibels.

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