The melting pot that is the US boils most briskly in California

The US has been called a nation of immigrants. With the population officially about to reach the 300 million mark, that's as much the case today as it was a century ago when waves of Europeans were sailing into New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, and arriving at the Ellis Island immigration processing center to change the course of their lives. According to the independent Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, people of foreign birth today account for roughly 12 percent of the US population, the highest percentage in more than eight decades. The states with the highest percentages of immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to the Center for Immigration Studies:

California 27.8%
New York 20.5%
New Jersey 18.7%
Florida 18.3%
Hawaii 17.2%
Nevada 17.1%
Arizona 14.8%
Texas 15.1%
Massachusetts 13.8%
Maryland 13.1%

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