The Senate sent President Bush a $94.5 billion emergency spending bill on Thursday to meet his requests for America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and for aid to Gulf Coast hurricane victims. Bush said he would sign the bill bringing the tally to almost $320 billion for the campaign in Iraq and $89 billion for Afghanistan.

More than 2,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in a nationwide sweep that began May 26, US Immigration and Customs officials said. The arrests targeted suspected child molesters and gang members, as well as deportees who reentered the country. "This sends a message," said Daniel Monico, a deportation officer. "When we deport you, we're serious."

The US International Trade Commission said it will investigate whether Apple Computer Inc. committed copyright infringement with its popular iPod system. The move comes after a lawsuit by portable media player rival Creative Technology Ltd., which claims the iPod infringes on one of its patents.

Several large public housing projects damaged by hurricane Katrina in New Orleans will be demolished and replaced by mixed-income developments, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced. The projects housed 3,000 of the 5,100 families in public housing. About 1,100 families have been allowed to return to less-damaged units, while another 1,000 units should be open by August.

Maj. Mike McNamara, a Marine reservist serving in Fallujah, Iraq, was elected to the city council in Grand Forks, N.D., with the campaign help of his family members and e-mail exchanges with voters. McNamara beat out four other candidates. He returns home in about 90 days, but will take part in council meetings via speakerphone until then.

A direct descendent of a British officer who captured four American Revolution-era regimental flags sold them to an anonymous bidder for $17.4 million at auction in New York. About 30 such flags exist, mostly in museums.

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