A Week's Worth

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst week of the year, down more than 355 points (3.16 percent) amid continuing investor unease over inflation and rising interest rates. Was it only a month ago that the Dow hit a six-year high?

Given any thought to chucking that office job and becoming a consultant? Consider the appeal: a flexible schedule, attractive compensation rates, and autonomy in making decisions. At least, that's how senior financial officers ranked the advantages in a survey developed by Robert Half Management Resources. It randomly polled 1,400 people.

Multimillion-dollar homes may be out of your price range, but have you ever wondered what you'd find if you toured one? According to a survey of 300 such properties by real estate giant Coldwell Banker, 86 percent had security systems, 84 percent had media systems or high-definition TVs measuring 50 inches or more, and 65 percent had designer kitchens. Far down the list: tennis courts.

Whatever you spent for Mother's Day last month, by comparison Father's Day next weekend should be a bargain - if results of a poll of more than 1,000 men by the Papa John's pizza chain mean anything. Better than half of respondents expected that dinner would be at home rather than at a restaurant, and 54 percent said they'd be happy with a gift certificate instead of a shirt and tie, wristwatch, or power tool.

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