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Circus in the Classroom: Correspondent Jen Ross says she was struck by one boy she observed while reporting on one of Cirque de Soleil's "social circus" projects at schools in Chile. "He was really into the experience. I learned later that he had behavioral problems, had been caught shoplifting, and had a difficult family life," Jen says. "But he was captivated by just one class."

Later, Jen says, adults asked him if he liked the circus, and he said he did. They told him continued participation hinged on better behavior and schoolwork. "After his initial tail-between-the-legs response, you could see a light bulb going on," Jen says. She checked in last week with the school to see how this boy was doing. "They say he's doing well. It's great to see how this kind of stimulus can mean a difference for borderline kids."

Casual Conversation: During his embed with marines in western Iraq, Charles Crain saw marines out among Iraqis every day. "After spending time on big bases where the view is either of a wall or of desert, it was strange to live with marines who can step out their front door and be among Iraqis. One night at a battle position in Husaybah, I stood outside chatting with a lieutenant colonel, and we could hear Iraqis on the street talking and laughing," he says.

"After seeing how far away much of the US military is from Iraqis, I was interested that this strategy is even possible in a part of Iraq that was notorious for violence."

Amelia Newcomb
Deputy world editor

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