But now I need new shoes

There are people who worry that as they age, they'll no longer be up to doing all the things physically that they used to do. Case in point: Laszlo Aranyi. A Hungarian national, he has long prided himself on being as strong as a horse . But, as he put it not long ago, with the 60th anniversary of his birth just around the corner, "I wanted to prove that I was still fit." So, to test himself, he decided to set out on a journey across his country - on foot. It took him 22 days to cover the 430 miles from Zahony in the east on the border with Ukraine to Szombathely, on the boundary with Austria - nearly the widest possible axis. That's an average of 19.5 miles a day. Not bad , huh? No, especially when you consider that Aranyi did it pulling a carriage, as if he were, in fact, a horse. And what's even more impressive, the carriage weighed 924 pounds. Just to ensure that all went well, he had a friend follow him on a bicycle. But as it turned out, the trip came off without - you should pardon the expression - a hitch . Said Aranyi afterward, "The only hard part was getting up the hills and then balancing the carriage on the way down."

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