Martial arts star dishes it out (cash) with the best of them

Jackie Chan has made himself world-famous with his lead roles in such action films as "Shanghai Noon" and "Rush Hour." Now, in the manner of others in the entertainment industry, he's also earning a reputation for opening his wallet to charity, giving recently to tsunami-relief efforts and for homeless services in Los Angeles. Forbes magazine has named the actor to its list of the 10 most generous celebrities. Those people (in alphabetical order) and the focus of their charitable giving:

Bono, DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa)
Sandra Bullock, American Red Cross
Nicolas Cage, hurricane Katrina relief, Chrysalis (homeless charity)
Jackie Chan, Chrysalis, tsunami relief, Jackie Chan Foundation for Hong Kong youth
Celine Dion, hurricane Katrina relief, Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Angelina Jolie, UN Refugee Agency
Paul McCartney, Adopt-A-Minefield, tsunami relief
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Special Olympics, After-School All-Stars, Nelson Mandela's children's fund
Steven Spielberg, Righteous Persons Foundation, Survivors of Shoah Visual History Foundation
Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey Foundation, Oprah's Angel Network

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