This week's look ahead

Monday, May 15:

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland's legislature reconvenes for the first time in 3-1/2 years to try to form a Catholic-Protestant administration, a goal of the Good Friday peace accord forged eight years ago.

Brussels - European Union foreign ministers meet to expand their package of incentives to Iran if it accepts international oversight of its nuclear program. Approval of any text was unlikely before a Friday meeting in London of nonproliferation officials from the five permanent UN Security Council nations.

Baghdad - Trial resumes for Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants after three-week recess.

Wednesday, May 17:

Cannes, France - The Da Vinci Code opens amid Catholic controversy.

Sunday, May 21:

Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro - A referendum in Montenegro on possible independence. Serbia and Montenegro stayed together when Yugoslavia broke up in 1991. Under European Union guidelines, at least 55 percent of the voters need to choose separation from Serbia before the smaller republic can proclaim independence.

- The Associated Press

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