Into it: Jim Courier

Tennis pro Jim Courier, what are you ...

... Reading?

I'm reading The Source of Success by the former Young and Rubicam CEO [Peter Georgescu].... And I'm reading [James B. Stewart's] DisneyWar. That's something I am interested in because I know a lot of guys that work [for Disney]. I like more of the nonfiction side of things when it comes to my reading right now.

... Watching?

Like most of America, I like Grey's Anatomy. It is just a lot of fun. It's escapism, and the characters are well constructed. I also like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report [on Comedy Central].... With "The Colbert Report" I'm amazed that [Stephen Colbert] can carry all that off by himself. There really are no other people on that show. And with both of them, you have such great writing. The writers on those shows must have so much fun throwing all these ideas around. It's like bringing [satirical website] The Onion to life.

... Listening to?

When I was in Australia last year I discovered this artist named Alex Lloyd, who is a wonderful singer-songwriter. I like his stuff a lot. I'm also into a band called Autolux. And I love the Arctic Monkeys; their album is about 30 minutes or so and it's very edgy, cool stuff. They have a good sound. I have a guy who turns me on to new music all the time.

Jim Courier, the world's top-ranked tennis player in 1992, is now part of the Outback Champions Series, which includes retired stars such as John McEnroe and Pat Cash. The five-event series has upcoming tournaments in Charlotte, N.C., (Sept. 20-24), Memphis, Tenn., (Oct. 5-8) and Houston (Nov. 9-12).

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