This week's look ahead

Monday, May 8:

Johannesburg, South Africa - Verdict due in rape trial of former Deputy President Jacob Zuma. The case has gripped South Africans, focusing attention on rape, AIDS, and the governing African National Congress.

Montreal - The International Drug Enforcement Conference brings together more than 300 high-level drug law enforcement officials from 81 countries to discuss the global drug threat.

Johannesburg, South Africa - Public hearings begin into allegations that South African companies and individuals paid bribes to Saddam Hussein under the UN oil-for-food program.

Wednesday, May 10:

France - Memorial day to mark the 1848 abolition of slavery in France and all of its colonies. It was abolished first in 1794, but reestablished under Napoleon.

Thursday, May 11:

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Human rights activists, government officials, and others attend a two-day UN conference aimed at curbing violence against girls in Africa.

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