Well, he looked dangerous

It's spring and - as the college year winds down - a time for toga parties and other sorts of frivolity that tend to occur with the onset of warm weather. Usually, these are a time to get in some practice as students look forward to summer fun. Such a gathering took place the other day at the University of Georgia. But for sophomore Jeremiah Ransom it was chilling. He'd just left a pirates vs. ninjas party and was still in costume as he jogged across campus when he heard a voice yell, "Freeze!" At first, he thought a fellow ninja was playing a joke on him. If only. Federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire-arms agents happened to be in town for a training program and some of them were pointing guns at him. In seconds, he was face- down on the ground with his legs clamped together and a knee in his back. The feds demanded to know what he'd done with his own weapon. Ransom explained the situation and directed them to the party, where "there's 30 other people" in costume. "They said, 'You'd better hope your story checks out,'" he told reporters. It did, and half an hour later he was released. He called the agents' actions "a little overkill." The party was sponsored by a Methodist Church group, and, Ransom said: "God's going to use this in some way. I'm just trying to figure out what it is."

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