Statements from the Monitor and the Carrolls: 'Today is a day of rejoicing'

We were thrilled to hear that Jill Carroll has been released and will soon be back with her family. People all over the world have been working and praying for this. We can assure you that she is receiving good care and that her family will be meeting with her soon.

Few will ever know how many people have been working day and night for this result. Jill's fellow journalists, her good friends in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, the Iraqi and American governments, leading clerics throughout the Arab world, and political leaders in Iraq have pursued every venue possible to return Jill to the arms of her family. Jill will also soon discover that people all over the world, of all faiths, have been praying for her release.

The chorus of Muslim leaders condemning this kidnapping has been larger and louder than has been heard for some time. We hope that these voices of opposition to this crime will continue on behalf of all hostage victims until this practice stops. Often, more than 30 Iraqis a day are kidnapped, and the world doesn't hear their voices or the voices of their families. They deserve attention and their freedom no less than Jill does. We hope this tide of opposition to criminal behavior will lead to the release of all other hostages as well. The Christian Science Monitor will not let these people be forgotten. The people of Iraq, and those risking their lives to help them, have a right to live in safety.

I hope you'll pause with me also to think of Allan Enwiya, Jill's translator, who was murdered when Jill was kidnapped. Over these past months his life has been honored by many, and a special fund exists to give support to his family.

Today's a day of rejoicing. Jill's friends here at the Monitor can't wait to see her. There is no way we can thank everyone enough for helping bring this to pass.
- Richard Bergenheim, Editor

From the Carroll Family:

Our hearts are full. We are elated by Jill's safe release.

We would like to thank all of the generous people around the world who worked officially or unofficially, especially those who took personal risks, to gain Jill's release. We are also very grateful for the support of the Iraqi people, who have shown the world a deep compassion for Jill's situation. Finally, we cannot say enough about the outstanding staff at The Christian Science Monitor, who provided us information and emotional support from the very start of this harrowing experience.

Our priority now, of course, is helping Jill to recover from her ordeal. We ask that the media respect our privacy and desire to focus on Jill's well-being. When we feel the time is appropriate, we will release more details about her experience.

Finally, our thoughts are with the families of others still being held hostage in Iraq, and we hope that their loved ones will soon return safely to them.
- Katie, Jim, Mary Beth - and Jill

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