'Supersize me,' applicants say, of going to college in the city

If the appeal of the traditional "college town" ever had an edge with students, it may not anymore, judging from the results of a new survey conducted by the Princeton Review, the noted test-preparation and admissions service. When asked what "dream" schools they would most like to attend if acceptance or cost weren't issues, applicants ranked New York University No. 1. (The school's main campus is in the famous Greenwich Village in lower Manhattan.) The survey finding is consistent with what Princeton Review publisher Robert Franek calls an incredible renaissance of urban schools in the last five to eight years. The top wish-list universities (as selected by participants in the survey) and those in cities of at least 100,000 people, where applicable:
1. New York University, New York
2. Harvard, Cambridge, Mass.
3. Princeton
4. Stanford
5. Yale, New Haven, Conn.
6. Brown, Providence, R.I.
7. Columbia, New York
8. Duke, Durham, N.C.
9. Cornell
10. UCLA, Los Angeles

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