Oh, they turn up occasionally

It's not true - as the souvenir T-shirts that one sees for sale in Vienna and other cities proclaim - "There are no kangaroos in Austria." The shirts are a novelty that probably wouldn't have been printed in the first place if the landlocked western European country were not sometimes confused with Australia, which, of course, is famous for the hopping marsupials. Ah, but there are at least two 'roos in Austria, and we know this because one of them escaped its pen last week and took off to explore the snowy countryside, where an enterprising photographer snapped a picture of it pausing in a two-lane road outside the village of Launsdorf in Carinthia Province, as if trying to decide which direction to go next. The lensman may have come closer than did the local police who were sent to catch it. In the end, it was recaptured only after being immobilized by a stun gun . The critter reportedly belongs to a breeder in neighboring Tirol Province and was being treated by a veterinarian for minor injuries sustained before its escape. As for that second kangaroo, the same vet told journalists he was caring for it as well, at least for the next few weeks.

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