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Are you down on the public school system in your community? Would you send your young son or daughter to one of those prestigious academies in Britain if you could? Well, it turns out there is a way ... and it's virtually free. Yes, Brighton College in East Sussex, England, is seeking one student to enroll for the next academic year and it has a fully paid scholarship available, thanks to an endowment provided by one of its alumni. In his will, Maj. David Wakehurst Peyton left hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide for a male or female student between 13 and 18. There's just one condition : The recipient must have the same last name (which may not be hyphenated, as in, say, Peyton-Manning) and must be able to prove it by means of a birth certificate. A search of British telephone directories turned up roughly 600 Peytons, but none was interested in the opportunity. So it has been opened to Americans. In fact, representatives of the school have even gone so far as to contact Peyton Manning himself to ask whether the Indianapolis Colts quarterback could provide leads to prospective candidates. And make no mistake, Brighton is exclusive. Tuition costs $37,150 a year. Said headmaster Richard Cairns: "It seems mad, having all this money ... and not having anyone to take the spot."

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