Tubegazing: 'The New Adventures of Old Christine'

The New Adventures of Old Christine (premières on CBS March 13, 8:30 p.m. EST)

Former "Seinfeld" star and SNL-alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back in "The New Adventures of Old Christine," a show about a divorcée and her ex, who is now dating a new Christine (hence the show's title). While this could be funny, over the first three episodes the show is as confused as the star seems to be about her character's perfect hair (the style is different in nearly every scene). Is the show a snazzy showcase for the nervous, urban energy that the star perfected as the self-absorbed and insecure Elaine? Or is it a comfortable sitcom with familiar, stock characters (the new girlfriend is a young bimbo, Dreyfus is a working mom) and tired laughs? The contrast feels strained. Maybe the show needs fresher supporting characters. Or maybe it just needs a good hairdresser. Grade: B-

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