Next up for Winter Olympians: two weeks in scenic Vancouver

When the flame is extinguished in the Olympic caldron at Turin, Italy, on Sunday, the skiers, skaters, bobsledders, and other athletes will reset their sights to the 21st winter Games, which have been awarded to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2010. That will be the second time the quadrennial ice-and-snow competitions will have come to Canada; Calgary, Alberta, staged them in 1988. Most often, though, it's the US that has enjoyed the "home snow" advantage as the site of four Olympic Winter Games - in Lake Placid, N.Y., in 1932 and 1980; in Squaw Valley, Calif., in 1960; and in Salt Lake City in 2002. The countries that have been the hosts of the winter Games, with the number of turns each has taken:

United States: 4
France: 3
Austria: 2
Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Yugoslavia: 1

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