That's the kind of guy I am

And now for a quick story left over from Valentine's Day: Young Paul Kim probably has never met Luke Buchheit. After all, they're from opposite sides of the country (Wes-ton, Fla., and McMinnville, Ore., respectively). And Luke is older by almost eight years . But Paul borrowed a concept that once earned headlines for Luke - to ensure that every female member of his high-school class would be remembered on the big day. In Luke's case, it was his 1998 prom, for which he had no date. So he invited every girl whom no one else had asked. There were seven, and all accepted, making for a memorable evening . Now, fast-forward to this week. Paul, as eloquently as he could, said that, to him: "Valentines' is a special day" and he "realized that not many girls would get anything.... [So] I figured I'd take the initiative and put a smile on their face." He spent roughly $900 he'd been saving to buy red roses - one to be hand-delivered to each female member of his junior class at Cypress Bay High. Attached was a card signed, "Affectionately, Paul Kim." Alas, despite his best intentions, he underestimated the number by more than 100, perhaps because he's new in town. No word on how - or whether - he'll make it up to those who were left out. But, said one recipient: "I thought it was really sweet."

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