I'm not too proud of this one

Apparently, there's no end to what artists will do to find inspiration for, say, a drawing. Case in point: Trevor Corneliusien, who's known for his sketches of mines across the Southwest. Early last week, while camping alone in an abandoned shaft near his Baker, Calif., home, he came up with the idea of chaining and padlocking his ankles together as the subject for his next masterpiece. Alas, once he finished, he couldn't find the key ... and without it he couldn't unlock the heavy restraints. That's when he realized there was only one way to summon help : by hopping through the Mojave Desert until he found a telephone. So he put his shoes back on, picked up his sketch pad, and set out across the rocks and sand of San Bernardino County. Twelve hours later, he reached a gas station, whose operator let him use the phone to call the sheriff's office. Deputies with bolt cutters came to the rescue and freed him, although not without a few bruises. Oh, that drawing? Well, said one of the deputies, "It's a pretty good depiction of how a chain would look wrapped around your legs."

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