Mom and Dad are cool with it

When People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals isn't making news in other ways, it seems to have a penchant for influencing its activists to go forth and generate headlines on their own. The latest example: "youth outreach coordinator" Chris Garnett. Or, as he now prefers to be called, KentuckyFried You see, the PETA staffer, who's still a teenager , legally changed his name last month in support of the pressure group's campaign against multinational chicken-dinner chain KFC Corp. PETA alleges that a key supplier mistreats the birds it processes for the company, and Garnett - sorry, - claims his move is persuading other people to at least consider boycotting . "It never fails to spark a discussion," he says brightly. He isn't the first PETA person to take such a step. Back in 2003, "youth educator" Karin Robertson won a court's OK to change her name to so she could more effectively promote the merits of a vegetarian life. There's reason to suspect that the most recent act may not be permanent, however. Actress Pamela Anderson , who narrates a video for PETA about the alleged abuse, said she's sure "Chris can't wait 'til KFC stops torturing chickens so he can change his name back." For its part, the company disputes the claims.

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