Twice as nice

Say, did you hear about the Hamid/Yusof/Hamid/Yusof wedding earlier this month. Huh? Shouldn't that be one Hamid and one Yusof? No, in Bala-kong, Malaysia, there they were: 20-somethings Zeenat Began Sawai Hamid and Zannat Begam Sawai Hamid - identical twins - and Hasan Mohamad Yusof and Husen Mohamad Yusof. You guessed it: The Yusof brothers also are identical twins. Both sets of parents had been close friends , and Zeenat and Zannat were promised to Hasan and Husen, respectively, shortly after their birth. But the families later lost touch, and when that happened the pledge seemed unlikely to be fulfilled. Eventually, they all found one aother again, and the date was set. When it arrived, Hasan and Zeenat both dressed in bright yellow - just to make it more memorable - and Husan and Zannat in pale lavender. Ah, but the story doesn't end there. The best men were identical twins, too. So were the bridesmaids and the flower girls. It's not clear, however, whether any of the latter six knew either of the wedding couples or were there by special arrangement to enhance the effect.

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