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Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor (Warner Bros.): Following the poor sales of her "American Life" CD, pop's chameleonic chanteuse has once again altered her wardrobe (she looks as if she's auditioning for "Chicago"), changed her hair color (now Nancy Drew red), and retooled her music. This time Madonna has co-opted a retro disco sound that ranges from Studio 54's heyday to Ibiza techno raves. Boasting more synthesizers than a Kraftwerk album, not to mention a drum machine programmed like a strobe light, "Confessions" pulses with the good-time vibe of a Saturday club night. (It helps if you ignore the insipid lyrics, which touch on subjects such as the emptiness of fame.) Yet for all the fab floor fillers - "Hung Up," "Push," "Sorry" - the continuous dance mix becomes a tad wearisome over 12 tracks. Grade: B

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