The adventures of Anuk and Chito

A Christian Science perspective on daily life

Our dog, Anuk, and our cat, Chito, are helping our family learn that God's love has enough good for everyone.

Sometimes people feel jealous - thinking that they want something that someone else has, or that they don't want to share what they have because they might lose it.

But because God never made jealousy, it isn't part of you. And if you start to feel jealous, you can ask your Father-Mother God to show you more of His-Her love that is always holding you close and that never leaves anyone out.

A while after we had been away, a little cat showed up in our yard. We were sure that he didn't belong to anyone, so we started to feed him. In a few days, he looked much happier and stronger. We called him Chito.

When Chito first arrived, we were surprised that our dog, Anuk, had let Chito stay, because she always acted as if she didn't like cats. She sometimes chased Chito to keep him from being near others and certain areas that she thought were only for her. We had to help her learn to share what she thought belonged only to her. I wondered if Anuk might be feeling jealous. We prayed to understand that Love is the only power pouring forth goodness at every moment for all its creatures. It won't let jealousy run the show.

One day soon after Chito arrived, I went to feed him. He was lying under a bush and didn't come toward me as usual. It was hard for Chito to stand up and walk, and his balance wasn't good. But he was hungry, so he made himself get up to eat.

Chito's back was completely wet, and I realized that Anuk must have picked him up in her mouth and maybe shook him or threw him. At first, I felt so sad because Chito was so small and Anuk was so big!

My husband came out, and we both began to pray. God, Love, was caring for both Anuk and Chito. Right where it looked as if there wasn't enough room for all of God's creatures, there was Love, hugging all of its creation in safety. We, too, were in Love's presence, which helped us see the innocence of these special animals.

Jesus said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." When we keep the right idea of spiritual love for ourselves, we can't help seeing that it's true for others.

Sometimes when animals aren't feeling well, they find a quiet place where they can be alone. This is what Chito did. He went back under the same protective bush. Because animals are so receptive to God's gentleness, we decided to trust our prayers and left Chito in the care of his Father-Mother, God.

When we returned home later, Chito was still a little wobbly and wasn't walking perfectly, but he came to greet us. By the next day, he was completely fine, and he wanted to be near everyone again - including Anuk!

Now, sometimes Anuk licks Chito while he rubs up against her. Anuk allows Chito to be on the patio and isn't upset when we are petting him. If Anuk chases Chito, it's in a playful way. We often see them lying near each other. It makes us happy and reminds us how Love brings harmony.

You can imagine how happy we were when we saw Anuk licking the neighbor's cat the other day! If you feel left out and think someone has more than you, it's impossible. Why? Because Love is right there with you.

The wolf also shall dwell
with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;
and a little child
shall lead them.
Isaiah 11:6

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