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The Wizard of Oz

If you're off to see the wizard, travel first-class with this three-disc collector's edition. The 1939 classic that made Judy Garland a star has been gorgeously restored - Kansas isn't black and white anymore, it's a rich sepia tone, and you can even see the rivet on the Tin Man's nose. Extras: The set comes with everything but a pair of ruby slippers. Highlights include five earlier versions of "Oz," one starring comedian Oliver Hardy, and a Busby Berkeley-choreographed dance for the Scarecrow that was cut at the last minute. Most pathos goes to the original Tin Man (Buddy Ebsen, who was fired when the silver makeup landed him in the hospital) singing "If I Only Had a Heart." Grade: A
- Yvonne Zipp


In the latest variation of Will Ferrell's schtick as a childish jerk, he plays an actor who is remaking the 1960s TV sitcom "Bewitched." The lead role inadvertently goes to Isabel (Nicole Kidman), a real witch who not only flies on a broomstick without so much as a saddle, but also falls for her self-centered, arrogant costar. Oy! Extras: Skip the insipid "making of" feature, which is heavy on product placement for other Sony movies, and listen to director Nora Ephron's erudite commentary track. Grade: C
- Stephen Humphries

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