Frank Luntz

Republican pollster Frank Luntz was Tuesday's guest. Here are excerpts from his remarks:

On the current state of the Republican Party:

"I don't see a message. I don't see a line, a sentence, a paragraph. I don't see an agenda."

On the ability of the GOP to keep control of the House after next year's election:

"The Republican majority is in jeopardy.... There is this wave that hits, and it is worth between 4 and 6 percent [of the total vote]. These are people who don't even know who they are voting for because they are just voting against [incumbents]. Am I predicting that the Republicans will lose in 2006? No. If this were Oct. 25, 2006, I would say yes, they would lose the majority. But they have an entire year to get their act together."

On House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi:

"This is the most negative, angry, bitter political leader I have seen in years. Truth is, if they had Rahm Emanuel [of Illinois] or Harold Ford [of Tennessee], they would be heading towards, in the direction of, a majority because the two of them understand that you have to stand for something - [that] you cannot win just by being negative."

On whether focusing on the people's business will help the White House contain damage, if key adminis-tration figures are indicted in the CIA leak case:

"That won't fly.... The Bush administration is right that there are so many other issues. The problem is that these other issues don't necessarily make them look good."

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