Fun-filled syllables

Answer each clue with a multisyllable word or words in which two syllables start with F. Example: Tasty = flavorful.

1. Occupants of the White House
2. Pseudo dad
3. Main attraction at a cinema
4. Ancestor
5. Wiener, originally from F., Germany
6. 9/11 heroes
7. Alluring woman
8. Most hors d'oeuvres
9. Having no cares in the world
10. VCR command for impatient viewers
11. Stands firm
12. Padding for mattresses and cushions
13. Betta
14. Early crops
15. Having no scent, as in soap
16. Pilot of a jet plane, slang
(Answers below)


1. First family
2. Father figure
3. Feature film
4. Forefather
5. Frankfurter, from Frankfurt, Germany
6. Firefighters of NYC
7. Femme fatale
8. Finger food
9. Fancy-free
10. Fast-forward
11. Flat-footed
12. Fiberfill
13. Fighting fish
14. First fruits
15. Fragrance-free
16. Flame flier

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