We agree on something!

When the ex-Yugoslav republic of Bosnia erupted in civil war in the 1990s, no other place came to symbolize its ethnic strife as much as Mostar. Yes, the home of the famous Stari Bridge over the River Neretva, which had stood for more than 400 years until it was destroyed in the war. Although it has been rebuilt, on one side still live mostly ethnic Croats. On the other, mostly Muslims. And, while relations between them remain tense, there's one matter on which they've found common ground : the bronze statue scheduled to be unveiled in the city in November as a symbol of justice and universality. It's of the late Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee? The kung fu actor? Yup. Even in death, it seems, he remains an icon to both communities.

Enjoy going on long rides? Consider a trucking career

The trucking industry is worried these days about a growing shortage of drivers - especially the long-haul variety who must be on the road for days at a time and put up with unpredictable schedules (not to mention loneliness). According to results of a study by the American Trucking Associations, the US is already short 20,000 drivers, and over the next decade will need 219,000 replacements for those who will retire. In recent years, the industry has lost ground to the construction trades in attracting new hires, in part because of the differentials in pay. "It's critical we find ways to tap a new labor pool," says ATA president Bill Graves. An overview of the demographics (by percentage) of those who drive America's big rigs, using statistics from 2000, the most recent year available:

Male 95.4%
Female 4.6%
Average age 43.1
White drivers 80.6%
Black drivers 11.7%
Drivers from other ethnic groups 7.7%
Less than high school diploma 25.7%
High school diploma 47.6%
College degree or at least some college credits 26.7%

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