Hey, that was a souvenir!

In Anchorage, Alaska, Yale Metzger is upset at the police department. To the cops, that makes them even: They're not happy with him either. The ill will began last week when Metzger asked if they'd come to his home and examine an antique cannonball he'd found on some property he owns ... and that had been rolling around in the back of his pickup truck ever since as he drove through the city. Officers came, all right - and confiscated the device, which was detonated in a controlled explosion. Metzger now wants a replacement. "Could it have exploded?" he said. "Sure; [but] so could a meteor fall out of the sky and hit your truck." But the police are calling Metzger - well - something less than a genius for his actions. And as for a replacement, that's so not going to happen.

Whatever happened to ...? A reunion of nine pioneers

On Monday, Sept. 23, 1957, the "Little Rock Nine" made history by marching with heads held high past ranks of angry protesters and into previously all-white Central High School in Arkansas' capital. Recently, that collective act of courage reunited them at the unveiling of a new monument, "Testament," on the grounds of the state house outside Gov. Mike Huckabee's office. The monument consists of life-size figures of each of the nine as he or she entered the school despite efforts by the governor at the time, Orval Faubus (D), to block them. The former students and what each was doing (and where) at the time of the 40th anniversary:

Ernest Green: Executive with Lehman Brothers in Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Eckford: Part-time social worker in Little Rock.
Jefferson Thomas: Accountant with US Department of Defense in Anaheim, Calif.
Dr. Terrence Roberts: Professor of psychology at Antioch College in Los Angeles
Carlotta Walls Lanier: Realtor in Englewood, Colo.
Minnijean Brown Trickey: Writer and social worker in Ontario, Canada
Gloria Ray Karlmark: Retired writer and publisher living in the Netherlands
Thelma Mothershed-Wair: Volunteer in a program for abused women in Belleville, Ill.
Melba Pattillo Beals: Author living in San Francisco

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