Boise is hot - and cool

David S. Hauck spent a weekend in Boise, Idaho

Where Did You Go? The surface of the sun. Sorry, that's Boise, Idaho, where triple digits are the norm in August.

Where Did You Stay? The University Inn, just minutes from downtown. The price is right (starting at $52 a night), complete with outdoor pool. The room, however, had all the charm of a college dorm.

What Did You Do? Golfed at Warm Springs, a picturesque 18-hole par 72 along the Boise River. Drove through the foothills, wishing I were one of the innertubers drifting slowly back toward town. Ate crepes at the farmers market, which pops up Saturdays on 8th Street. If you're adventurous, there are hikes and bike paths. For the indoor explorer, check out the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition at the Boise Art Museum (thru Sept. 19).

What Are the shops like? Downtown Boise is like a trendy Western outpost - think O.K. Corral meets Carson Kressley. Men will love The Nynes, with its hip twist on the classics. For women, choices at Barbara, Barbara, & Co. range from denim to flapper dresses.

Where Did You Eat? Try Shorty's on Capitol Street for greasy burgers and frosty shakes. The Melting Pot on 6th may have been having a bad day - the service was slow and the fondue was tepid (making it the only thing in Idaho that wasn't piping hot).

Would You Go Back? Absolutely. Boise is cool, even when it's hot.

Where have you been? What did you do? Let us know at: Weekend

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