A new angle on the Capitol

I have walked to the United States Capitol countless times. The presence of the dome is overwhelming, and the whiteness of the stone stands in stark contrast to the sky. So I did a double take when I saw the movement of tiny figures on the massive dome. I knew I'd come upon a good opportunity to get a fresh look at a familiar landmark. The nice thing about using digital cameras is that I can review what I'm shooting as I work. I approached the Capitol from nearby Union Station and started working angles from the north. As I looked at my camera screen, I could tell that the workers didn't stand out as I'd hoped, so I kept walking. As I made my way to the southern exposure, I noticed one worker preparing to rappel over a ledge. I trotted 50 yards and waited. Finally, I felt I had just the right composition, just the right moment as the worker dangled over the ledge. I'd walked halfway around the Capitol, but the effort had paid off. I'm often asked why I shoot so many pictures on an assignment. It's rare that my first pictures yield my favorite result, so I work hard to exhaust all the angles in order to capture an image I like.

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