That's a sticky issue

Let's say you're visiting in the city of Focsani, Romania, and - for fun - decide you'd like to sit in on a trial. What may you not do? Answer: munch on gum . If you try, you run the risk of being - ahem - chewed out by the judge. And probably ordered to leave the courtroom as well. Earlier this month, that happened after spectators defied three warnings from the bench to show more respect for the dignity of the proceedings and, according to reports, "began making gum balloons" instead. So the courtroom was cleared, and no one was allowed back in until after parting with his or her wad.

Wimbledon: where tennis's greats have trod, and won

The Wimbledon fortnight, the two weeks of lawn tennis that many consider the sport's annual highlight, began Monday. The tournament, which dates to 1877, is expected to attract more than half a million spectators to the hallowed grounds of the All-England Lawn Tennis Club in suburban London. Switzerland's Roger Federer is looking to win his third straight men's singles crown. Russia's Maria Sharapova, who broke through last year with her first women's title, hopes to defend her championship. Both players have a long way to go to catch the all-time Wimbledon greats. The most prolific women's and men's singles champions, with their victory totals:


Martina Navratilova 9
Helen Wills-Moody 8
Steffi Graf 7
Billie Jean King 6 (tie) Suzanne Lenglen
Blanche Hillyard 5 (tie) Lottie Dod
Pete Sampras 7 (tie) William Renshaw
Bjorn Borg 5 (tie) H.L. Doherty
Rod Laver 4 (tie) A.F. Wilding
Boris Becker 3 (tie) John McEnroe (tie) John Newcombe (tie) Fred Perry (tie) Wilfred Baddely

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