Now, that wasn't nice

Somewhere in Brazil there is a chief executive of Banpespa Bank who can't be pleased with the manager of one of its branches in São Paulo. Why? Because a court has ordered the payment of $9,100 to the manager's secretary for his actions toward her. Not that Banpespa can't afford the penalty; it's the principle of the thing. Exactly what did the manager do that was deemed over the top? Well, for starters, he ordered his subordinate to display a plastic turtle on her desk - as a reminder of how slowly she worked. Moreover, he nicknamed her "Magda," after a popular TV character who's known for being dim-witted. So she took him to court. Said the judge: "Jokes in the workplace are common [here], but they must not offend people."

US refugee record is a study in contrasts

This being World Refugee Day, many countries are likely to check their record in treating refugees. Some may turn to the US Committee for Refugees, a private aid group that grades performance. The organization considers the US one of the best when it comes to honoring a refugee's right to earn a livelihood once in the US, but one of the worst in terms of systematically denying entrance to asylum seekers. The latter opinion is primarily a factor of how Cubans and Haitians, fleeing on the high seas, are turned back. The countries the committee has determined do the best and worst job of offering asylum:

Ivory Coast

South Africa
United States

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