Like father, like daughter

Light is my business, and I often talk to my kids about it: the way sunlight strikes leaves, or how slanting afternoon rays lengthen shadows.

My 5-year-old received a camera as a gift. She emerged from the backyard all smiles: "I took a picture of the sun coming through the trees. I took it so you won't have to work so much." I swooned.

At home, my work cameras usually stay in their bag, but I couldn't resist the late-afternoon sunbeams making these decorated masks glow (above). "Can I take a picture too, Daddy?" chirped my daughter. She chose to snap the nearby streamers hanging in the kitchen (top). The masks and decorations had been left over from my son's fourth birthday party.

To me, the similarity of color and feeling contained in both photographs is remarkable. May my daughter continue to delight in light the way I have for so long.

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