But they may sing and dance

Next week - Tuesday, in fact - 19 female soldiers are scheduled to compete in the finals of "Beauties in Epaulettes," a much-anticipated annual event in the Russian Army . Before a panel of judges in Moscow, chaired by Maj. Gen. Nikolai Burbyga, each of the contestants will offer various demonstrations of her artistry and grace - the culmination of a process that began with a test of her military skills. What the finalists will not do this year, however, is parade in swimsuits , on General Burbyga's order. Asked to explain his decision, the Itar-Tass news agency quotes him as saying: "Why should our lady officers get undressed? Let's keep that a military secret."

Selling on eBay? Here are mistakes you should avoid

eBay, the online marketplace, celebrates its 10th anniversary next week in San Jose, Calif. It was there that Pierre Omidyar founded the computer platform for the sale of goods and services. An estimated 10,000 eBay users are expected to attend the annual users conference and take part in workshops and other activities geared to help them buy and sell more effectively. Many people have enjoyed success using eBay's auctions, but those who don't might benefit from a list of don'ts compiled by, an e-commerce website. The company's top 10 eBay selling mistakes:

1. Excessive shipping fees
2. Lack of descriptive text
3. Too much text
4. Poor layout
5. Bad photos
6. Not thinking internationally (missing an opportunity to offer an item to overseas bidders)
7. Listing in the wrong category
8. Jumping on the bandwagon (avoid selling when the site is flooded with similar items)
9. Setting your price too high or too low
10. Poor timing (selling out of season)

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